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tor the relatively treeless peak of a rocky hill or mountain.
torah (sometimes cap.) the entire body of Jewish law and commentary, both written and oral, esp. the Old Testament and the Talmud. [2 definitions]
to raise the hackles of to provoke anger in.
torch a stick or rod with a flammable material fixed or wound on one end, ignited and carried as a portable light. [6 definitions]
torchbearer one who carries a torch, as in a ceremonial procession. [2 definitions]
torchier a floor lamp that casts light upward to give indirect illumination.
torchlight the light cast by a torch or torches. [2 definitions]
torchon lace a lace made of linen or cotton in simple open patterns, or a machine-made imitation of this lace.
torch song a popular song of failure or unhappiness in love.
torchwood any of various tropical American trees with resinous wood that can be made into torches. [2 definitions]
tore past tense of tear2.
toreador a bullfighter.
torero a toreador, esp. a matador.
torii an ornamental Japanese gateway consisting of two vertical pillars topped by two horizontal crossbeams, often painted a bright orange-red, that is placed at the entrance to a Shinto shrine or garden.
torment to inflict great physical or mental anguish on. [4 definitions]
tormentor a person or thing that torments or causes pain. [3 definitions]
torn past participle of tear2.
tornado a very destructive but short-lived windstorm in the form of a funnel-shaped cloud that moves close to the ground destroying whatever is in its path.
toroid a surface that is produced by the rotation of any closed plane curve about a straight line in its own plane, or a solid that has such a surface. [2 definitions]
to roll out the red carpet to greet in grand or impressive style.
torpedo a long, cylindrical, self-propelled explosive missile that can be launched against ships from above or under water. [6 definitions]