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torsion the act of twisting or the state of being twisted. [2 definitions]
torsion bar a metal bar that maintains stability under twisting, used in the suspensions of some automobiles.
torso the human body from neck to hips; trunk. [2 definitions]
tort in law, any civil rather than criminal harm or injury that violates the implicit duty of each citizen not to harm others, and for which one may bring a civil suit and collect compensation.
torte a rich cake, usu. made of eggs, finely chopped nuts, crumbs, sweeteners, and flavorings, often composed in layers separated by rich fillings.
tortellini a dish of small round pieces of pasta stuffed with meat, vegetables, and the like and served with a sauce.
tort-feasor in law, one who has committed a tort.
torticollis in medicine, a condition in which involuntary contractions of the neck muscles cause the head to twist to one side.
tortilla a Mexican flat bread or thin pancake made of cornmeal and usu. served hot with various fillings.
tortoise any of various land turtles. [2 definitions]
tortoiseshell the horny, mottled, yellowish-brown shell of certain turtles, esp. the hawksbill, or imitations of this material, used to make combs, eyeglass frames, and decorative objects.
tortoni a rich Italian ice cream, usu. made with maraschino cherries, chopped almonds, and crushed macaroons.
tortuous changing direction frequently; twisting, winding, or crooked, as a path. [2 definitions]
torture the causing of intense physical pain to a person or animal for the purpose of terrorizing, cruel amusement, or forcing the disclosure of information. [5 definitions]
torus a semicircular surface, or rounded ridge, or the solid it encloses, such as the convex molding surrounding the base of a column or the doughnut-shaped figure generated, in geometry, by a circle or an ellipse.
Tory a member of the Conservative party in Canada and Great Britain. [4 definitions]
toss to throw carelessly; fling. [9 definitions]
toss off to accomplish quickly without much effort. [2 definitions]
toss one's cookies (slang) to throw up; vomit.
tossup an equality of likelihood; even choice or chance.
tostada a crisp fried tortilla, esp. when topped by refried beans, cheese, lettuce, ground meat, and the like.