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tortellini a dish of small round pieces of pasta stuffed with meat, vegetables, and the like and served with a sauce.
tort-feasor in law, one who has committed a tort.
torticollis in medicine, a condition in which involuntary contractions of the neck muscles cause the head to twist to one side.
tortilla a Mexican flat bread or thin pancake made of cornmeal and usu. served hot with various fillings.
tortoise any of various land turtles. [2 definitions]
tortoiseshell the horny, mottled, yellowish-brown shell of certain turtles, esp. the hawksbill, or imitations of this material, used to make combs, eyeglass frames, and decorative objects.
tortoni a rich Italian ice cream, usu. made with maraschino cherries, chopped almonds, and crushed macaroons.
tortuous changing direction frequently; twisting, winding, or crooked, as a path. [2 definitions]
torture the causing of intense physical pain to a person or animal for the purpose of terrorizing, cruel amusement, or forcing the disclosure of information. [5 definitions]
torus a semicircular surface, or rounded ridge, or the solid it encloses, such as the convex molding surrounding the base of a column or the doughnut-shaped figure generated, in geometry, by a circle or an ellipse.
Tory a member of the Conservative party in Canada and Great Britain. [4 definitions]
toss to throw carelessly; fling. [9 definitions]
toss off to accomplish quickly without much effort. [2 definitions]
toss one's cookies (slang) to throw up; vomit.
tossup an equality of likelihood; even choice or chance.
tostada a crisp fried tortilla, esp. when topped by refried beans, cheese, lettuce, ground meat, and the like.
tot1 a very young child.
tot2 to total or add up a bill or the like (usu. fol. by "up").
total comprising or including the whole; entire; full. [8 definitions]
totalitarian designating a system of government in which power and authority are highly centralized and intrusive into the lives of private citizens, and in which neither opposing parties nor individual differences in opinion are allowed. [2 definitions]
totality the state or quality of being total. [2 definitions]