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town clerk an official who keeps town records and accounts, issues local licenses and permits, and manages the town office.
town crier a man hired by a town, before the advent of mass media, to proclaim the news or make public announcements in the streets.
town hall a building that houses the administrative offices of a town and often the meeting room of the town governing body.
town house a residence in a town or city, usu. of an owner who also has a house in the country. [2 definitions]
townhouse a home in a city that is part of a row of similar homes. It is connected to other homes by shared walls.
townie (informal) a resident of a college town who is not a student or staff member in the college.
town meeting a public assembly, open to all residents of a town. [2 definitions]
townsfolk the people who live in a town.
township a subdivision of a county, usu. having some authority for local government.
townsman a native or resident of a town. [3 definitions]
townspeople those who live in a town; townsfolk.
townswoman a woman who is a native or resident of one's own town. [2 definitions]
towpath a path along the bank of a river or canal trodden by animals or people towing boats.
towrope a rope, cable, or the like, used to tow boats; towline.
tow truck a truck equipped to tow disabled or illegally parked vehicles; wrecker.
toxemia illness due to poisonous substances in the bloodstream, as from eating contaminated food or from infection; blood poisoning.
toxic of, pertaining to, or resulting from a toxin or other poison. [2 definitions]
toxicant poisonous; toxic. [2 definitions]
toxicity the condition, property, or fact of being toxic or containing toxins.
toxico- poison.
toxicology the science that deals with poisons and the detection and treatment of poisoning.