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trade school a school, often a secondary school, in which the emphasis is on the teaching of skilled trades.
trade secret something such as a formula, device, or process that is the guarded property of only one business or individual and provides an advantage over competitors in afield.
tradesman a man employed in trade, esp. retail; dealer.
tradespeople persons working in trade; tradesmen; tradeswomen.
tradeswoman a woman employed in trade; dealer.
trade union a labor union consisting of workers who are skilled in a particular craft or trade, esp. as distinguished from a union for workers in a given company or industry.
trade wind a wind or wind system in the tropics and subtropics that blows steadily toward the equator, usu. from a northeasterly direction north of the equator and southeasterly south of it.
trading the act or activity of exchanging items or buying or selling goods. [2 definitions]
trading post a store or station, usu. in a remote, sparsely populated area, in which local products can be traded for goods brought from distant markets.
trading stamp a stamp given as a premium to a retail customer that can be accumulated with other such stamps and traded in specified quantities for specified merchandise.
tradition the process of handing down a culture's beliefs, customs, and mores from one generation to the next. [2 definitions]
traditional of or pertaining to customs and ways of doing things within a particular culture that are passed down from one generation to the next with little change. [2 definitions]
traditionalism adherence to traditional beliefs, values, and customs, esp. religious ones.
traditionless combined form of tradition.
traduce to make malicious or false statements about; slander.
traffic the movement of pedestrians and vehicles along a transportation route. [6 definitions]
trafficable combined form of traffic.
traffic circle a circular roadway or street, in which traffic moves in one direction only, that is situated at a busy intersection to facilitate traffic flow.
traffic island an area, usu. marked or elevated, in a roadway that separates traffic lanes or provides protection for pedestrians, traffic controllers, or the like.
traffic jam a slowing down or cessation of the flow of traffic due to a concentration of drivers in one area or an accident or other impediment.
traffic light an electrically operated street or road signal used to regulate the flow of traffic by warning drivers when to stop, proceed with caution, or go.