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trend a general course, direction, or tendency. [4 definitions]
trendy of or relating to the latest style or mode.
Trenton the capital of New Jersey.
trepan a heavy tool for drilling holes, esp. in rock. [3 definitions]
trepang any of various edible sea cucumbers found in the South Pacific and Indian Oceans, used esp. in Oriental soups.
trephine a circular surgical saw, mounted on a shaft and operated by a lateral handle, used to remove disks of bone, esp. from the skull. [2 definitions]
trepidation a condition of anxiety or dread; alarm. [2 definitions]
trespass in law, an act of entering upon or invading the property, rights, or person of another without permission and with the actual or implied use of force. [5 definitions]
tress (pl.) a woman's or girl's locks or curls of hair, usu. long and unbound. [2 definitions]
trestle a stable support formed by a horizontal beam or bar joined to the tops of two vertical members that slope or widen outward and downward. [2 definitions]
trestlework a trestle or trestle system, such as the support structure of a bridge.
trey a playing card, die, domino, or the like with three pips.
tri- three; three times.
triable subject or liable to trial in a court of law.
triacetate an acetate compound that contains three acetate groups.
triad a group of three persons or things that are similar or related. [2 definitions]
triage a system of determining priority of medical treatment, on the basis of need, chances of survival, and the like, to victims on a battlefield or in a hospital emergency ward. [2 definitions]
trial in law, an examination of evidence presented to a judicial tribunal, usu. in order to determine a person's guilt or innocence. [8 definitions]
trial and error an empirical method of solving a problem by trying out a variety of means and rejecting those that result in error.
trial balance in double-entry bookkeeping, a statement of all open debit and credit balances, usu. made to test their equality before a final statement is issued.
trial balloon any tentative action, statement, policy, or program that is released to test public opinion before a final version is put into effect. [2 definitions]