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triclinic of or designating a system of crystallization in which three unequal axes intersect at oblique angles.
tricolor having three colors. [2 definitions]
tricorn having three horns, hornlike projections, or corners; three-cornered. [2 definitions]
tricot a plain warp-knit fabric such as nylon or polyester, used esp. for underwear. [2 definitions]
tricuspid having three points or cusps, as a tooth. (Cf. bicuspid.) [3 definitions]
tricycle a three-wheeled vehicle usually ridden by pushing pedals with one's feet.
tricyclic of a molecule, having three fused rings of atoms. [2 definitions]
tricyclic antidepressant any of a class of drugs, such as amitriptyline, having three fused rings of atoms and used esp. to treat depression.
trident a fishing or fighting spear with three prongs, sometimes shown in portrayals of Greek and Roman sea gods.
tridentate having three teeth, toothlike projections, or parts.
tried past tense and past participle of try. [3 definitions]
triennial happening every three years. [3 definitions]
trier a person or thing that tries, samples, or tests.
trifacial see trigeminal.
trifid divided or cleft into three distinct lobes, as the leaves of certain plants.
trifle something that has very little value or importance. [6 definitions]
trifling of little importance, meaning, or value; slight; trivial. [2 definitions]
trifocal of eyeglasses, having three lenses of different focal lengths. [2 definitions]
trifoliate having three leaves, leaflets, lobes, or the like. [2 definitions]
trifoliolate having three leaflets, or having leaves that have three leaflets, as clover.
trig (informal) trigonometry.