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trim to make neat, orderly, or manageable by cutting, clipping, or otherwise removing excess material. [13 definitions]
trimaran a boat with three parallel hulls.
trimester a period of three months. [2 definitions]
trimeter a line of verse consisting of three metrical feet. [2 definitions]
trimming added decoration, often along edges, as on clothing or furniture. [5 definitions]
trimonthly once every three months.
trinal having three parts; tripartite; threefold; triple.
trine triple; threefold. [2 definitions]
Trinidad and Tobago a southeastern West Indian country that comprises the islands of Trinidad and Tobago.
Trinitarian of or pertaining to the Christian doctrine of the Trinity. [4 definitions]
trinitrotoluene see TNT.
trinity a closely related group of three, or the state of being threefold. [2 definitions]
Trinity Sunday the Sunday after Pentecost, celebrated by certain Christians in honor of the Trinity; Whitsunday.
trinket a small piece of jewelry or other decorative object, usu. inexpensive. [2 definitions]
trinomial an algebraic expression consisting of three terms that are connected by plus or minus signs. [4 definitions]
trio in music, a group of three singers or players. [3 definitions]
triode a vacuum tube that contains an anode, cathode, and control grid.
trioxide an oxide that contains three oxygen atoms in each molecule.
trip a journey, voyage, or excursion. [18 definitions]
tripartite consisting of three parts. [2 definitions]
tripe the stomach wall of a cow or other ruminant, used as food.