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triptane a colorless liquid used as an antiknock additive to fuel, esp. airplane fuel.
triptych a set of three paintings or carved panels, hinged or fixed side by side.
tripwire a hidden wire that activates a trap, snare, or the like when tripped over.
trireme an ancient Greek or Roman galley, usu. a warship, with three tiers of oars on each side.
trisect to divide (a line, plane figure, or angle) into three equal parts.
triskaidekaphobia irrational fear of the number thirteen.
triskelion a design or figure consisting of three usu. curved legs, arms, or branches that radiate from a common center.
trismus continuous spasmodic contraction of the jaw muscles, esp. when caused by tetanus.
trisodium of a molecule, containing three sodium atoms.
trisomic having an extra chromosome in the cell in addition to the usual diploid number.
tri-state of or designating an area consisting of all or part of three neighboring U.S. states.
tristich a verse unit, poem, or stanza of three lines; triplet.
trisulfide a sulfide molecule containing three atoms of sulfur.
trisyllable a word having three syllables.
trite ineffective or stale because of frequent repetition; commonplace; hackneyed.
tritheism the belief that the three persons of the Christian Trinity are three separate, distinct gods.
triticale a high-protein grain formed by crossing wheat and rye.
tritium a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, usu. produced synthetically and used in nuclear weapons and radiobiology. (Cf. deuterium, protium.)
tritoma any of several lilylike African plants that bear dense spikes of red or yellow flowers.
Triton in Greek mythology, a sea god having the upper body and head of a man and the tail of a fish, and carrying a conch-shell trumpet. [4 definitions]
tritone a musical interval of three whole tones; augmented fourth.