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tristich a verse unit, poem, or stanza of three lines; triplet.
trisulfide a sulfide molecule containing three atoms of sulfur.
trisyllable a word having three syllables.
trite ineffective or stale because of frequent repetition; commonplace; hackneyed.
tritheism the belief that the three persons of the Christian Trinity are three separate, distinct gods.
triticale a high-protein grain formed by crossing wheat and rye.
tritium a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, usu. produced synthetically and used in nuclear weapons and radiobiology. (Cf. deuterium, protium.)
tritoma any of several lilylike African plants that bear dense spikes of red or yellow flowers.
Triton in Greek mythology, a sea god having the upper body and head of a man and the tail of a fish, and carrying a conch-shell trumpet. [4 definitions]
tritone a musical interval of three whole tones; augmented fourth.
triturate to grind, rub, or otherwise reduce to fine particles or powder; pulverize. [2 definitions]
trituration the act of triturating, or the condition of being triturated. [2 definitions]
triumph the act, condition, or fact of achieving a great victory or success. [5 definitions]
triumphal of, concerning, or celebrating a great victory or success.
triumphant having achieved a great success or victory. [2 definitions]
triumvir any one of three persons jointly ruling or serving as a council, esp. in ancient Rome.
triumvirate a group of three persons, esp. in a joint ruling or administering capacity in ancient Rome. [2 definitions]
triune (sometimes cap.) being three in one, esp. the Christian Trinity.
trivalent in chemistry, having a valence of three. [2 definitions]
trivet a short-legged metal or ceramic stand or plate used to hold a hot dish above a table top. [2 definitions]
trivia unimportant or unessential things or matters. [2 definitions]