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tritone a musical interval of three whole tones; augmented fourth.
triturate to grind, rub, or otherwise reduce to fine particles or powder; pulverize. [2 definitions]
trituration the act of triturating, or the condition of being triturated. [2 definitions]
triumph the act, condition, or fact of achieving a great victory or success. [5 definitions]
triumphal of, concerning, or celebrating a great victory or success.
triumphant having achieved a great success or victory. [2 definitions]
triumvir any one of three persons jointly ruling or serving as a council, esp. in ancient Rome.
triumvirate a group of three persons, esp. in a joint ruling or administering capacity in ancient Rome. [2 definitions]
triune (sometimes cap.) being three in one, esp. the Christian Trinity.
trivalent in chemistry, having a valence of three. [2 definitions]
trivet a short-legged metal or ceramic stand or plate used to hold a hot dish above a table top. [2 definitions]
trivia unimportant or unessential things or matters. [2 definitions]
trivial having little value or importance; insignificant.
triviality the quality or condition of being unimportant or insignificant. [2 definitions]
trivialize to regard or treat as unimportant; reduce to mere triviality.
trivium in medieval universities, the lower section of the seven liberal arts, comprising rhetoric, grammar, and logic. (Cf. quadrivium.)
triweekly three times per week. [5 definitions]
-trix a girl or woman who does or is associated with (something specified).
trochanter in anatomy, either of two knoblike structures located at the upper end of the femur in humans and most other mammals that serve as muscle attachment points. [2 definitions]
troche a small, usu. circular lozenge containing medicine mixed with sugar or other fillers; pastille.
trochee in poetry, a metrical unit consisting of one long or stressed syllable followed by one short or unstressed syllable.