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triumphant having achieved a great success or victory. [2 definitions]
triumvir any one of three persons jointly ruling or serving as a council, esp. in ancient Rome.
triumvirate a group of three persons, esp. in a joint ruling or administering capacity in ancient Rome. [2 definitions]
triune (sometimes cap.) being three in one, esp. the Christian Trinity.
trivalent in chemistry, having a valence of three. [2 definitions]
trivet a short-legged metal or ceramic stand or plate used to hold a hot dish above a table top. [2 definitions]
trivia unimportant or unessential things or matters. [2 definitions]
trivial having little value or importance; insignificant.
triviality the quality or condition of being unimportant or insignificant. [2 definitions]
trivialize to regard or treat as unimportant; reduce to mere triviality.
trivium in medieval universities, the lower section of the seven liberal arts, comprising rhetoric, grammar, and logic. (Cf. quadrivium.)
triweekly three times per week. [5 definitions]
-trix a girl or woman who does or is associated with (something specified).
troche a small, usu. circular lozenge containing medicine mixed with sugar or other fillers; pastille.
trochee in poetry, a metrical unit consisting of one long or stressed syllable followed by one short or unstressed syllable.
trod a past tense and past participle of tread.
trodden a past participle of tread.
troglodyte a prehistoric person who lived in caves; cave dweller. [2 definitions]
trogon any of various brightly colored, fruit-eating tropical birds, such as the quetzal.
troika any association or group of three; triumvirate. [2 definitions]
Troilus in The Iliad, a Trojan warrior, who also appears as the lover of a Trojan woman in medieval romances and Troilus and Cressida by William Shakespeare.