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truelove a beloved person; sweetheart. [2 definitions]
truelove knot an ornamental double bowknot used to symbolize lasting love because it is difficult to untie.
true rib a rib that is attached by cartilage directly to the sternum, as any of the upper seven pairs of ribs in humans. (Cf. false rib.)
truffle any of various fungi growing as parasites on tree roots and bearing underground an edible growth that is a great delicacy. [2 definitions]
truism a self-evident statement; platitude.
truly in a truthful manner. [4 definitions]
trump in certain card games, a suit or a card of a suit that outranks other suits during a particular hand. [5 definitions]
trumped-up of a charge, piece of evidence, or the like, falsely devised or concocted; spurious.
trumpery something of little value; useless finery. [3 definitions]
trumpet a brass wind instrument with three valves atop a looped tube that ends in a flared bell, which produces bright, strong, often piercing tones. [9 definitions]
trumpet creeper a high-climbing vine of the southern United States that has compound leaves and bears large, red, trumpet-shaped flowers.
trumpeter one who plays a trumpet; trumpet player. [5 definitions]
trumpeter swan a large wild North American swan, usu. white, that has a loud, sonorous, trumpetlike cry.
trumpet flower any of several plants with trumpet-shaped flowers, such as the trumpet creeper, or such a flower itself.
trumpet honeysuckle an American honeysuckle that bears large, red, tubular flowers.
trumpet vine any of various vines with trumpet-shaped flowers, such as the trumpet creeper.
trump up to devise or fabricate dishonestly (an accusation, rumor, or the like).
truncate to cut off short; shorten. [4 definitions]
truncated made shorter by or as if by having part cut off. [3 definitions]
truncheon a staff or baton representing an office or authority; scepter. [2 definitions]
trundle to convey using wheels or a wheeled vehicle. [6 definitions]