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tuberculosis a contagious disease of human beings and some animals, caused by a bacterium and characterized by the formation of tubercles on body tissues, esp. in the lungs; TB.
tuberculous of, having, or affected by tuberculosis.
tuberose1 a cultivated plant that grows from a bulb and has a fragrant spike of lilylike white flowers.
tuberose2 variant of tuberous.
tuberosity a knoblike prominence, esp. such a prominence at the end of a long bone.
tuberous covered with wartlike tubers; knobby. [2 definitions]
tube sock a tube-shaped elasticized sock lacking a shaped heel.
tube top an elasticized, cylindrical women's garment that covers the breasts while leaving the shoulders, and often the midriff, bare.
tubifex any of various small reddish freshwater worms, often used as food for fish in aquariums.
tubing a length of tube. [3 definitions]
tubular shaped or formed like a tube. [3 definitions]
tubule a small tube or tubelike structure.
tubuliflorous having flowers with tubular corollas, as certain composite plants.
tuck to gather up and push in or turn under the loose end or edge of (a shirt, blanket, or the like) so as to secure (often fol. by "in" or "up"). [10 definitions]
tuckahoe any of various plant parts formerly eaten by Algonquian Indians, esp. a large brown fungus growing underground; Indian bread.
tucker1 someone or something that tucks, esp. a sewing machine attachment used to make tucks. [2 definitions]
tucker2 (informal) to cause to become tired or fatigued; weary; exhaust (often fol. by "out").
tuck in to make sure a child is covered well before sleeping at night.
-tude state, condition, or characteristic.
Tudor a member of a British royal family of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, or the name of the family itself. [3 definitions]
Tues. abbreviation of "Tuesday," the third day of the week, occurring between Monday and Wednesday.