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tulip a cultivated plant that grows from a bulb and bears large lance-shaped leaves and large brightly-colored, cup-shaped flowers. [2 definitions]
tulip tree a North American tree, related to magnolias, that bears tuliplike flowers and has wood that is used in furniture.
tulipwood the light soft wood of the tulip tree. [2 definitions]
tulle a thin, netlike cloth of silk, rayon, nylon, or acetate, used esp. for veils, evening gowns, and ballet costumes.
tumble to roll end over end while falling, as over an object, or while in flight. [16 definitions]
tumblebug any of several dung beetles that roll balls of manure in which their eggs are deposited and the young develop.
tumble-down dilapidated or rickety, as if ready to fall apart.
tumbler a drinking glass that has a flat bottom and does not have a handle or stem. [5 definitions]
tumbleweed any of various plants whose rounded, branched tops break off in autumn and are rolled about by the wind.
tumbrel a two-wheeled dump cart, esp. one used by farmers to carry dung. [2 definitions]
tumefaction the action or an instance of swelling or puffing. [2 definitions]
tumefy to swell or become swollen.
tumescence the condition of being swollen or enlarged. [2 definitions]
tumescent being or becoming swollen.
tumid swollen or enlarged, as a part or organ. [3 definitions]
tummler an entertainer or social director who encourages participation by guests or audience. [2 definitions]
tummy (informal) the abdomen or stomach.
tumor an abnormal mass of diseased tissue that arises from normal tissue in the body and serves no physiological purpose. [2 definitions]
tumpline a strap passed around the forehead or shoulders to help support a pack carried on the back.
tumult the noise and commotion of a large crowd; uproar. [3 definitions]
tumultuous full of noise, commotion, or disorder; riotous. [2 definitions]