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tureen a large, deep, wide dish, usu. with a lid, used for serving soups, stews, and the like.
turf the surface layer of the soil, held together in a thick mat by grass and other plant roots. [5 definitions]
turfman a person deeply involved in horse racing, esp. one who owns or trains horses.
turgescent becoming swollen or turgid; swelling.
turgid overwrought in language or style; too solemn or too ornate; inflated; bombastic. [2 definitions]
turista severe diarrhea sometimes experienced by travelers in foreign countries, caused by exposure to bacteria in food or water (used esp. as a term for this ailment in a Latin American context.) [2 definitions]
Turk a native or citizen of Turkey, or a descendant thereof. [4 definitions]
Turkey a country in western Asia and southeastern Europe between the Mediterranean and Black Seas.
turkey a large, originally North American bird with brownish feathers and a wattled head, now domesticated in many parts of the world. [4 definitions]
turkey buzzard see turkey vulture.
turkey cock a male turkey. [2 definitions]
turkey trot a dance to ragtime music, popular in the early 1900s, characterized by a springy walk and up-and-down movements of the shoulders.
turkey vulture a vulture of North, Central, and South America that has blackish plumage and a naked reddish head; turkey buzzard.
Turki collectively, the Turkic languages of central Asia, or the peoples speaking these languages.
Turkic a subgroup of the Altaic languages that includes various languages of Asia Minor and southeastern Europe, such as Turkish. [2 definitions]
Turkish of or pertaining to Turkey or its people, culture, language, or the like. [2 definitions]
Turkish bath a steam bath that causes heavy perspiration and is followed by a shower and massage. [2 definitions]
Turkish delight a candy consisting of jellylike cubes of fruit juice dusted with powdered sugar; Turkish paste.
Turkish Empire see Ottoman Empire.
Turkish tobacco a dark aromatic variety of tobacco from Greece and Turkey, used in cigarettes.
Turkish towel a thick cotton towel with a nap of uncut pile.