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turn down to decrease the power, volume, temperature, or brightness of (something), as by turning a dial. [4 definitions]
turner1 a person or thing that turns. [2 definitions]
turner2 a gymnast or tumbler.
turn in to give or return something to an official person. [3 definitions]
turning the act of one that turns. [5 definitions]
turning point a moment when a decisive change occurs. [2 definitions]
turn into to change and become something else; transform. [2 definitions]
turnip an edible plant with a large, usu. whitish root, and hairy leaves that are sometimes used as greens. [2 definitions]
turnkey one who has control of the keys in a prison or jail; jailer. [2 definitions]
turnkey system a complete computer system of hardware and software sold as a unit.
turnoff a place where one turns to take another road, path, or route. [2 definitions]
turn off to stop the power or flow of something. [3 definitions]
turn-on (slang) a thing or person that excites, arouses, or fascinates.
turn on to start the flow or power of (something). [3 definitions]
turn one's back on to neglect or abandon.
turnout the number of people who appear at a meeting, lecture, or the like, or who participate in an event such as an election. [4 definitions]
turn out to come to be in a particular condition or state in the end. [4 definitions]
turnover in a specific time period, the proportion of employees hired in relation to the average number of employees. [6 definitions]
turn over to move so that the part that previously faced down is now facing up. [5 definitions]
turn over a new leaf to alter one's behavior for the better; make a new start.
turnpike a thruway or highway whose use requires the payment of a toll.