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tussle to fight or struggle roughly or energetically; scuffle. [3 definitions]
tussock a clump, tuft, or bunch of growing grass, sedge, or the like.
tussock moth any of several moths, such as the gypsy moth, whose larvae are hairy caterpillars that are often destructive to trees.
tut used to express irritation, impatience, reproach, or the like.
Tutankhamen an Egyptian king of the eighteenth dynasty (fourteenth century B.C.).
tutee one who is being tutored.
tutelage the act or function of a tutor or teacher; instruction; teaching. [2 definitions]
tutelary being or acting as a protector or guardian. [3 definitions]
tutor a person who gives private instruction, sometimes remedial, to a single student or several students. [6 definitions]
tutorial of, pertaining to, or exercised by a tutor or tutors. [2 definitions]
tutti to be played by all performers (used as a musical direction). [3 definitions]
tutti-frutti a confection such as ice cream that contains various chopped, candied fruits. [2 definitions]
tutu a very short, full skirt made of many layers of lightweight, gauzy fabric and worn by ballerinas.
Tuvalu an island country in the central Pacific, south of the equator and north of Fiji.
tux (informal) a tuxedo.
tuxedo a complete suit of formal evening clothes for men, consisting of a usu. black coat with tails, usu. black trousers with side stripe, white shirt, and black bow tie. [2 definitions]
TV abbreviation of "television."
TVA abbreviation of "Tennessee Valley Authority," a U.S. federal corporation formed in 1933 to provide inexpensive electric power, flood control, and irrigation to the Tennessee Valley by developing the Tennessee River and creating dams, reservoirs, and the like.
TV dinner a packaged frozen meal that is ready for eating when heated.
twaddle silly, trivial, or meaningless talk or writing.
twain two of anything; pair; couple.