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-ty1 used with numerals to indicate specified multiples of ten.
-ty2 variant of -ity.
tycoon a rich, powerful person in business or industry; magnate.
tying present participle of tie.
tyke a small dog, esp. a mongrel. [2 definitions]
tympani variant of timpani.
tympanic bone in a mammal's skull, a small bone that supports the eardrum and partially encloses the middle ear.
tympanic membrane a thin, oval-shaped membrane separating the middle ear from the external ear, which vibrates when struck by sound waves; eardrum.
tympanum the middle ear. [4 definitions]
Tyndall effect the scattering and polarization of light by colloidal particles within a suspension.
typal pertaining to or acting as a type; typical.
-type type, model, or example. [2 definitions]
type a group of things or individuals having certain distinguishing characteristics in common; kind. [8 definitions]
Type A of, pertaining to, or designating a personality or a person characterized by impatience, aggression, and tenseness, and thus considered to be relatively prone to heart disease. (Cf. Type B.)
typeable combined form of type.
Type B of, pertaining to, or designating a personality or a person characterized by serenity, relaxation, and contentment, and thus considered to be relatively unlikely to incur heart disease. (Cf. Type A.)
typebar one of a series of slender bars on certain typewriters, to which the raised letters and figures are attached.
typecast to place (an actor) in a role that appears to suit his or her personality, appearance, or reputation. [2 definitions]
type-cast in printing, to prepare or cast (type). [2 definitions]
typeface the style, design, or size of a printing type, or the full collection of letters and numbers in that type. [2 definitions]
type foundry a factory for casting metal type.