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typewriter a machine that produces type similar to that of print by the manual depression of keys that activate letters, numbers, or characters.
typhoid an infectious, potentially fatal bacterial disease that is characterized by high fever, diarrhea, and intestinal inflammation and transmitted by contaminated food or water; typhoid fever. [2 definitions]
Typhoid Mary a person who spreads any kind of disease, infection, or corruption.
typhoon a violent tropical hurricane or cyclone that occurs in the western Pacific area and the China Sea.
typhus a serious infectious disease that is transmitted by fleas, mites, and lice and is marked by high fever, headache, delirium, and a red rash.
typical displaying the distinctive qualities of a particular type of person or thing. [2 definitions]
typically usually; normally.
typify to be the typical or representative example of. [2 definitions]
typist one who operates a typewriter, esp. as an occupation.
typo (informal) an error in typing or printing; typographical error.
typo- type.
typographer a person skilled in typography; printer; compositor.
typographical of or concerning printing or the setting of type.
typographical error an error made in the typing or printing process; typo.
typography the art, practice, or process of producing printed matter from type. [2 definitions]
typology a systematic classification of types, or the study thereof. [2 definitions]
tyrannical imposing one's will on others by threat or force; despotic; oppressive.
tyrannicide the killing of a tyrant, or a person who kills a tyrant.
tyrannize to treat or govern cruelly or oppressively; act tyrannically toward. [3 definitions]
Tyrannosaur a large carnivorous North American dinosaur of the Cretaceous period that had small forelimbs and walked on its hind legs; Tyrannosaurus rex.
Tyrannosaurus see Tyrannosaur.