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unblooded combined form of blooded.
unblushing without shame, modesty, or apology. [2 definitions]
unbolt to slide back or unscrew the bolt or bolts on; unlock or unfasten.
unbolted1 not fastened or secured; unlocked.
unbolted2 not sifted, as flour.
unbookish combined form of bookish.
unborn not yet or never born. [2 definitions]
unbosom to confess, confide, or disclose (one's thoughts or feelings). [2 definitions]
unbought combined form of bought.
unbounded without limits or bounds; boundless. [2 definitions]
unbowdlerized combined form of bowdlerized.
unbowed not bent or bowed down. [2 definitions]
unbracketed combined form of bracketed.
unbreakable combined form of breakable.
unbridged combined form of bridged.
unbridled not curbed or restrained. [2 definitions]
unbriefed combined form of briefed.
unbright combined form of bright.
unbrilliant combined form of brilliant.
unbroken not broken or breached; intact. [4 definitions]
unbruised combined form of bruised.