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uncompounded combined form of compounded.
uncomprehended combined form of comprehended.
uncompromising unwilling to compromise or make concessions; unyielding. [2 definitions]
uncomputerized combined form of computerized.
unconcealed combined form of concealed.
unconcern lack of concern or interest; indifference. [2 definitions]
unconcerned not caring, involved, or interested; indifferent. [2 definitions]
unconditional not having conditions or limits; unlimited or absolute.
unconditioned not the result of psychological conditioning; natural or innate. [2 definitions]
unconfessed combined form of confessed.
unconfined combined form of confined.
unconfirmed combined form of confirmed.
unconfounded combined form of confounded.
unconfuse combined form of confuse.
uncongenial combined form of congenial.
unconjugated combined form of conjugated.
unconnected combined form of connected.
unconquerable not able to be defeated or overcome; invincible.
unconquered combined form of conquered.
unconscionable not restrained or guided by conscience; unprincipled. [2 definitions]
unconscious not conscious or aware. [4 definitions]