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undercut to cut or cut away under or beneath, usu. so as to create an overhang. [6 definitions]
underdevelop to develop (something) to less than the required or desirable degree.
underdeveloped not fully developed; immature, stunted, or deficient. [2 definitions]
underdo to do less than is needed or wanted.
underdog a contestant who is expected to lose, as in sports or politics. [2 definitions]
underdone inadequately cooked, as meat.
underdressed too informally dressed for the occasion.
underemployed employed at work that does not use one's full ability, training, or the like. [3 definitions]
underestimate to appraise at too low a quantity, rate, strength, value, or the like. [2 definitions]
underexpose to expose (film) to too little light or for too short a time, resulting in lack of contrast.
underfeed to feed too little or too seldom. [2 definitions]
underfoot under or below the feet. [2 definitions]
underfur the fine soft fur under the coarse outer hair of certain animals, such as beavers, seals, and some dogs.
undergarment a garment worn under other clothing, usu. next to the skin; underwear.
undergird to strengthen or secure from beneath, as by passing a rope or chain about. [2 definitions]
undergo to be subjected to, esp. to endure or suffer.
undergraduate a college or university student who has not yet earned a degree. [3 definitions]
underground located, living, taking place, or operating beneath the earth's surface. [9 definitions]
underground railroad (often cap.) a secret system established by former slaves and abolitionists before the U.S. Civil War to help fugitive slaves reach places of safety.
undergrowth low plant growth beneath and around taller trees.
underhand done with the hand below shoulder level. [3 definitions]