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undersigned having signed at the end of a document, letter, or the like. [3 definitions]
undersized smaller than normal, required, or allowed.
underskirt a skirt, such as a petticoat, worn under another skirt, as in order to provide added shape and body.
underslung supported or suspended from above, as a vehicle chassis from the axles.
understaffed having too few workers.
understand to perceive the meaning, nature, or significance of. [9 definitions]
understandable able to be understood; comprehensible. [2 definitions]
understanding the intellectual process of getting the meaning of something; comprehension. [9 definitions]
understate to state or represent incompletely or too conservatively. [2 definitions]
understood past tense and past participle of understand. [3 definitions]
understudy to learn the role or function of so as to be able to substitute for (usu. an actor in a play). [3 definitions]
undersurface an underside.
undertake to take on (a task, project, challenge or the like); decide or start to do. [2 definitions]
undertaker one who undertakes something. [2 definitions]
undertaking the act of one who undertakes. [3 definitions]
under the circumstances given the facts as they are.
under-the-counter secret or illegal, as sales or payments; under-the-table.
under the counter secretively, esp. in order to evade the law.
under the hammer offered for sale at public auction.
under the lee the quarter toward which the sea wind is blowing; to leeward.
under the sun in existence; in the world; on earth.