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under the sun in existence; in the world; on earth.
under-the-table of a transaction, done secretly and usu. illegally; under-the-counter.
under the weather (informal) somewhat ill or in low spirits.
underthings underclothes.
undertone a low or subdued sound, esp. of the voice. [3 definitions]
undertow a strong current or backwash of water moving in the opposite direction from the water on the surface, as beneath waves breaking on a shore.
under tow being moved along by towing.
underuse to use too little of or too infrequently. [2 definitions]
undervalue to place too low a valuation on; underestimate. [2 definitions]
underwater located, occurring, done, or intended for use below the surface of a body of water. [2 definitions]
under way making progress; moving ahead; advancing. [2 definitions]
underwear a garment or garments worn next to the skin under other clothing; underclothes.
underweight a condition of lacking sufficient or normal weight. [2 definitions]
underwent past tense of undergo.
underworld the criminal class of society. [3 definitions]
underwrite to assume financial responsibility or assure financial support for. [8 definitions]
underwriter one who underwrites insurance policies, or one who determines premiums, analyzes risks, and the like. [2 definitions]
undescribable combined form of describable.
undeserved combined form of deserved.
undeserving combined form of deserving.
undesignated combined form of designated.