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unexceptional not exceptional; ordinary; usual. [2 definitions]
unexcitable combined form of excitable.
unexcited combined form of excited.
unexciting combined form of exciting.
unexcused combined form of excused.
unexotic combined form of exotic.
unexpected not expected or foreseen; surprising.
unexpended combined form of expended.
unexpired combined form of expired.
unexplainable combined form of explainable.
unexplained combined form of explained.
unexploded set to detonate but not yet detonated.
unexplored of or pertaining to a place, area, or field that has not been examined or investigated before.
unexposed combined form of exposed.
unexpressed combined form of expressed.
unexpurgated of a book or other publication, retaining material that might be considered offensive by some readers; uncensored.
unextraordinary combined form of extraordinary.
unfailing not likely to be exhausted or used up; endless. [3 definitions]
unfair violating accepted standards of fairness or just treatment. [2 definitions]
unfaithful having violated a promise or obligation; disloyal. [3 definitions]
unfaked combined form of faked.