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unlooked-for not anticipated; unexpected.
unloose to release from restraint; set loose. [2 definitions]
unloosen to unloose.
unlovable combined form of lovable.
unloved combined form of loved.
unloving combined form of loving.
unlucky marked by or involving ill fortune or bad luck. [2 definitions]
unlyrical combined form of lyrical.
unmacho combined form of macho.
unmagnified combined form of magnified.
unmake to reduce to nothing; wipe out or undo. [3 definitions]
unmalicious combined form of malicious.
unmaliciously combined form of maliciously.
unman to deprive of courage, resolution, or other characteristics considered to be masculine. [2 definitions]
unmanageable combined form of manageable.
unmanageably combined form of manageably.
unmanaged combined form of managed.
unmanipulated combined form of manipulated.
unmanly lacking in characteristics considered to be masculine, such as strength, bravery, or courage.
unmanned not having a human pilot or crew, as a spacecraft.
unmannered lacking good manners; coarse or impolite. [2 definitions]