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unripened combined form of ripened.
unrivaled not equaled; having no rival, peer, or competition; incomparable.
unroll to open or unwind from a rolled position. [3 definitions]
unromantic combined form of romantic.
unromantically combined form of romantically.
unromanticized combined form of romanticized.
unroofed combined form of roofed.
unruffled not ruffled; smooth, as cloth or still water. [2 definitions]
unruled combined form of ruled.
unruly not submitting readily to rule or restriction; difficult or impossible to control; wild.
unrushed combined form of rushed.
unsaddle to remove the saddle from (a horse). [3 definitions]
unsafe dangerous to oneself or other people; not safe. [2 definitions]
unsaid1 past tense and past participle of unsay.
unsaid2 not spoken, though thought of; unmentioned; unstated.
unsalable combined form of salable.
unsalaried combined form of salaried.
unsalted combined form of salted.
unsalvageable combined form of salvageable.
unsanctified not made holy or sacred by consecration.
unsanctimonious combined form of sanctimonious.