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unsmiling combined form of smiling.
unsmoothed combined form of smoothed.
unsnap to undo the snaps of, esp. to unfasten by this action.
unsnarl to clear of or free from snarls; untangle or clarify.
unsociable tending not to seek the companionship of others; solitary. [2 definitions]
unsocial characterized by dislike for the society of others; unsociable.
unsoiled combined form of soiled.
unsolder to separate (soldered items) by melting the connecting solder. [2 definitions]
unsoldierly combined form of soldierly.
unsolicited combined form of solicited.
unsolved combined form of solved.
unsophisticated inexperienced in the social and cultural world; naive. [2 definitions]
unsorted combined form of sorted.
unsound not solid, firm, or stable. [5 definitions]
unsown combined form of sown.
unsparing giving generously; liberal. [2 definitions]
unspeakable too objectionable or shocking to be expressed or described; extremely bad. [3 definitions]
unspecialized combined form of specialized.
unspecific combined form of specific.
unspecified not named or otherwise indicated explicitly.
unspectacular combined form of spectacular.