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unweathered combined form of weathered.
unwed combined form of wed.
unweighted combined form of weighted.
unwelcome combined form of welcome.
unwell in poor health; sick; ill.
unwept having passed or died without causing sorrow in others; unmourned. [2 definitions]
unwhite combined form of white.
unwholesome harmful to one's physical or emotional health; unhealthy. [3 definitions]
unwieldy difficult to carry, handle, or use because of size, shape, or design; awkward.
unwilled combined form of willed.
unwilling showing reluctance; not willing. [2 definitions]
unwillingness the condition of being unwilling.
unwind to undo from a wound or twisted state; uncoil; untwist. [4 definitions]
unwinnable combined form of winnable.
unwise having or showing a lack of wisdom or good sense; foolish.
unwitting not aware; unknowing. [2 definitions]
unwomanly combined form of womanly.
unwonted not ordinary or usual; not customary.
unworkability combined form of workability.
unworkable combined form of workable.
unworked combined form of worked.