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unworkability combined form of workability.
unworkable combined form of workable.
unworked combined form of worked.
unworldly concerned with the spiritual rather than the material aspects of things. [3 definitions]
unworried combined form of worried.
unworthy lacking worthiness; not deserving. [3 definitions]
unwounded combined form of wounded.
unwoven combined form of woven.
unwrap to remove or take off the wrapping of; open. [2 definitions]
unwritten not set down in writing; unrecorded. [2 definitions]
unwritten law a law originating from other sources than the action of legislative bodies, such as custom or usage. [2 definitions]
unyielding combined form of yielding.
unyoke to release or free from or as if from a yoke. [2 definitions]
unyoung combined form of young.
unzip to open the zipper of (a garment, suitcase, or the like). [2 definitions]
up to, toward, at, or in a higher place or position. [34 definitions]
up- upward; up.
up-and-coming showing promise of success.
up-and-down moving alternately upward and downward. [3 definitions]
Upanishads a group of Hindu writings of the sixth to eighth centuries dealing with philosophical and theological questions of mankind and the universe.
upas a Javanese tree of the mulberry family, with whitish bark. [2 definitions]