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upholstery materials such as springs, padding, and fabric that are used to cover couches, chairs, or the like. [2 definitions]
UPI abbreviation of "United Press International."
up in arms stirred to fight; indignant.
up in the air undecided, unsettled, or uncertain.
upkeep the maintenance required to keep something or someone in good condition. [2 definitions]
upland the elevated or higher parts of land in a region. [2 definitions]
uplift to improve the spiritual, moral, or social condition or mood of. [3 definitions]
upload to transfer (data, files, or programs) from one's own computer to another, often larger, computer or a network. [2 definitions]
upmost (informal) uppermost.
upon on. [4 definitions]
up one's sleeve held secretly or in reserve.
upper higher in place, rank, position, or level. [6 definitions]
Upper Carboniferous see "Pennsylvanian."
upper-case of printed letters, capital. [2 definitions]
upper case in printing, the tray containing the type for capital letters and special characters.
upper-class of, relating to, or belonging to a high social class. [2 definitions]
upper class the most prominent or richest group of people in a society.
upperclassman a member of the junior or senior class in a high school, college, or university.
upper crust (informal) the most prominent or richest group of people in a society; upper class.
uppercut a quick blow that is directed upward, usu. to an opponent's chin. [2 definitions]
upper hand a position of domination, control, or advantage.