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urethroscope a medical instrument for observing the interior of the urethra.
urge to push or drive forward or onward. [7 definitions]
urgency the state of being urgent; pressing necessity or importance. [2 definitions]
urgent requiring immediate action or attention; pressing. [3 definitions]
-urgy the science, technique, or process of working with (such) a material or tool.
-uria the presence of (such) a substance in the urine.
uric concerning, contained in, or derived from urine.
uric acid a white, odorless, crystalline substance, found in urine and the excreta of birds and reptiles.
urinal a wall plumbing fixture into which men may urinate, or a place containing such fixtures. [2 definitions]
urinalysis the chemical analysis of urine.
urinary of or relating to urine or the organs that produce and excrete it.
urinate to discharge urine.
urine a waste substance secreted by the kidneys and excreted as a yellowish fluid by mammals or as a semisolid by reptiles and birds.
urinogenital see genitourinary.
URL abbreviation of "uniform resource locator," an address identifying the location of a file on the Internet, consisting of an identifier for the computer on which the file is located and the file's location on that computer.
urn a large vase, usu. with a pedestal or base. [3 definitions]
uro- urine.
urogenital of or concerning the urinary or genital organs; genitourinary.
urology the area of medicine that deals with the physiology and disorders of the urinary or genitourinary tracts.
uroscopy in medicine, diagnostic examination of the urine.
Ursa Major a circumpolar constellation in the northern sky, located between Ursa Minor and Leo and containing a double star, Mizar; Big Dipper.