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vanity press a publisher that publishes books for which the author pays the costs; vanity publisher.
vanquish to subdue or defeat by or as if by greater force; conquer; overcome.
vanquishable combined form of vanquish.
vantage a condition or position that offers superiority; advantageous position. [2 definitions]
Vanuatu an island country in the southwestern Pacific east of Australia; New Hebrides.
vanward moving, directed toward, or in the van or front.
vapid lacking spirit, life, or flavor; dull; uninteresting.
vapor tiny particles of a liquid or solid suspended in or diffused through air or gas, such as smoke or mist. [7 definitions]
vaporing boastful; bombastic; high-flown. [4 definitions]
vaporize to cause to become or diffuse as a vapor or gas; atomize; evaporate. [2 definitions]
vapor lock a partial or complete interruption of the flow of liquid fuel in an internal combustion engine that is caused by the formation of bubbles of vapor or air in the fuel line.
vaporous diffused as small particles in air, as smoke or mist. [5 definitions]
vapor pressure the pressure of vapor, esp. in contact with its liquid form; vapor tension.
vaquero in the southwestern United States, a man who herds cattle; cowboy.
variable likely to change; not constant. [3 definitions]
variable star a star that varies considerably in brightness and apparent magnitude because of internal pulsations, or because eclipsed by another star.
variance the act, quality, or state of being different, divergent, or variable, or something having this quality. [7 definitions]
variant differing from something considered normal or from most others of the same type; deviant. [3 definitions]
variation the act or process of varying, or the state or condition of being varied; change; changeability. [3 definitions]
varicella see "chicken pox."
varicolored having several different colors; variegated.