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verdigris a greenish or bluish patina of copper sulfate or copper chloride that forms on surfaces of copper, brass, or bronze as they are exposed to air or water. [2 definitions]
verdin a small gray titmouse that has a yellow head, lives in the southwestern United States and Mexico, and builds a spherical nest of thorny twigs.
verdure an abundance of green, flourishing vegetation. [2 definitions]
verdurous covered with, rich in, or consisting of verdure; verdant.
verge the point or limit beyond which something occurs, begins, or comes into effect; brink. [6 definitions]
Vergil variant of Virgil.
veridical truthful; honest; veracious. [2 definitions]
verification the act of verifying. [3 definitions]
verify to confirm the truth or accuracy of; substantiate; confirm.
verily (archaic) in truth; in fact. [2 definitions]
verisimilar appearing or seeming to be true or real; probable; likely.
verisimilitude the appearance or semblance of truth or reality. [2 definitions]
veritable true; authentic; real.
vérité see cinéma vérité. [3 definitions]
verity the quality or condition of being true or real. [2 definitions]
verjuice the sour juice of unripe fruit such as crab apples or grapes. [2 definitions]
vermeil a metal, such as silver, copper, or bronze, that has been gilded.
vermi- worm.
vermicelli a kind of pasta shaped into long, thin threads like spaghetti but thinner.
vermicide a drug or other agent used to kill worms, esp. parasitic intestinal worms.
vermicular of, resembling, or caused by worms. [2 definitions]