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verst a Russian unit of length equivalent to 3,500 feet or about two-thirds of a mile (1.067 kilometers).
versus in opposition to; against. [2 definitions]
vertebra one of the small bones or segments of cartilage that form the spinal column.
vertebral of, like, or pertaining to a vertebra or vertebrae. [2 definitions]
vertebrate having a backbone. [3 definitions]
vertex the highest point of anything; apex. [2 definitions]
vertical perpendicular to level ground; extending at right angles to the horizon; upright. [4 definitions]
vertical circle an imaginary circle on the celestial sphere that passes through the zenith and nadir and is thus perpendicular to the horizon.
vertical union see "industrial union."
verticil a circular arrangement around a point on an axis, as of leaves around a plant's stem.
vertiginous tending to cause vertigo. [4 definitions]
vertigo a sensation of unsteadiness or dizziness, such that one's surroundings seem to be whirling around. [2 definitions]
vertu variant of virtu.
vervain any of various plants that bear long, slender spikes of small white, blue, or purple flowers.
verve energetic enthusiasm; liveliness.
vervet a small African monkey with a long tail and a yellow-brown or greenish coat.
very to a great extent; in a high degree; extremely. [7 definitions]
very high frequency any radio frequency ranging between thirty and three hundred megahertz. (abbr.: VHF)
Very light see "Very signal."
very low frequency any radio frequency between ten and thirty kilohertz. (abbr.: VLF)
Very signal a colored signal flare fired from a special pistol for signaling at night; Very light.