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vervain any of various plants that bear long, slender spikes of small white, blue, or purple flowers.
verve energetic enthusiasm; liveliness.
vervet a small African monkey with a long tail and a yellow-brown or greenish coat.
very to a great extent; in a high degree; extremely. [7 definitions]
very high frequency any radio frequency ranging between thirty and three hundred megahertz. (abbr.: VHF)
Very light see Very signal.
very low frequency any radio frequency between ten and thirty kilohertz. (abbr.: VLF)
Very signal a colored signal flare fired from a special pistol for signaling at night; Very light.
vesicant giving rise to blisters, as certain medicines and chemicals; blistering. [2 definitions]
vesicate to cause blisters on; blister.
vesicle a small hollow cell or cavity in a living organism. [3 definitions]
vesper a bell rung to summon worshipers to the evening service. [5 definitions]
vesper sparrow a North American sparrow with gray-brown plumage and white outer tail feathers that sings in the evenings.
vespertilionid any of several long-tailed insectivorous bats.
vespertine of, pertaining to, or occurring in the evening; twilight. [3 definitions]
vespiary a nest or colony of social wasps or hornets.
vespid any of several wasps, including both social and solitary species.
vessel a hollow device used as a receptacle, esp. for liquids; container. [4 definitions]
vest a waist-length, fitted, sleeveless, and usu. collarless garment, usu. worn over a shirt or blouse and often under a jacket; weskit. [7 definitions]
Vesta in Roman mythology, the goddess of the hearth; Hestia.
vestal of, pertaining to, or sacred to the Roman goddess Vesta. [4 definitions]