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vicegerent a person appointed, usu. by a ruler, to exercise the ruler's power and authority; deputy. [2 definitions]
vicennial happening every twenty years. [2 definitions]
vice president an officer ranking directly below a president and assuming duties and authority in the president's absence or inability to perform. [3 definitions]
viceregal of or pertaining to a viceroy.
vice-regent a regent's deputy.
viceroy the appointed governor of a colony, country, or province, who serves as the representative of the sovereign. [2 definitions]
vice squad a police division assigned to enforce laws governing prostitution, gambling, narcotics, and other forms of vice.
vice versa with the order, esp. preceding order, reversed; conversely.
vichyssoise a cream of potato soup flavored with leeks and onions and usu. served chilled.
Vichy water a natural mineral water from springs at Vichy, France, sometimes used in treating gout and digestive diseases. [2 definitions]
vicinage a region or district near or around a place; vicinity. [3 definitions]
vicinity an area or district near or around a particular spot; somewhere nearby. [3 definitions]
vicious given to or characterized by violence or cruelty; savage; fierce. [3 definitions]
vicious circle a situation in which the solution to a problem gives rise to another, which can be worse or may bring back the first with greater complications, thereby increasing the difficulty of solving any of them. [2 definitions]
vicissitude (usu. pl.) unexpected and unforeseeable changes or shifts, as in one's circumstances. [3 definitions]
victim someone who is harmed physically or emotionally by a person or group of people, or by circumstance. [3 definitions]
victimize to make a victim of. [2 definitions]
victimless lacking any victim or injured party, as certain crimes.
victimless crime a crime, such as gambling, that involves no obvious victim.
victor one who wins a contest, battle, argument, or the like, esp. one who defeats an enemy in armed struggle; winner.
Victoria the seaport capital of Hong Kong. [4 definitions]