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vinery an area or greenhouse where vines, esp. grapevines, are grown. [2 definitions]
vineyard a planting of cultivated grapevines, usu. for the production of wine grapes.
vini- wine; wine grapes.
viniculture the craft of making wine, or of growing wine grapes.
vinifera of, designating, or derived from the most widely cultivated species of grape. [2 definitions]
vinification the process or method by which grapes are changed into wine.
vino (Italian; Spanish) wine.
vin ordinaire ordinary wine (French); an inexpensive wine commonly served with meals.
vinous of, relating to, or resembling wine. [3 definitions]
vin rosť pink wine (French); a wine made from certain red-skinned grapes; rosť wine.
vintage the yearly yield of grapes or wine from a particular vineyard or district. [7 definitions]
vintner a maker or seller of wine.
viny of, relating to, or resembling vines. [2 definitions]
vinyl a polymerized resin, or a tough, shiny plastic made from this resin.
vinyl chloride a colorless, flammable gas, used in the making of polyvinyl chloride.
vinyl plastic any of various plastics made from polymerized vinyl compounds or copolymers of vinyl and other resins, having a wide range of household and industrial uses.
viol any of a group of stringed instruments of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries having fretted necks and usu. six strings, and played with a curved bow. [2 definitions]
viola a four-stringed instrument of the violin family that is somewhat larger than a violin and tuned a fifth lower.
violable capable of being or likely to be violated.
viola da braccio a stringed instrument of the viol group that has a range similar to that of a viola.
viola da gamba a stringed instrument of the viol family, that is held between the knees like a cello, and that has a similar range.