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vitriolize to change or convert into vitriol. [2 definitions]
vittles food, or a stock of food supplies, generally for human consumption.
vituperate to condemn sharply; blame; berate. [2 definitions]
vituperation the act of vituperating. [2 definitions]
viva long life to someone or something (in Spanish and Italian, used as a salute, honor, or the like).
vivace in a lively, energetic, vivacious manner (used as a musical direction).
vivacious full of life and spirit; animated.
vivacity the characteristic or state of being vivacious; liveliness; sprightliness; animation.
vivarium an indoor place where live animals or plants are kept for study or observation.
viva voce (Latin) by word of mouth; orally.
vive (French) long live (someone or something named)! (used to express strong approval or praise).
vivid bright; brilliant; intense. [3 definitions]
vivify to make livelier, sharper, more active, or the like. [2 definitions]
viviparous giving birth to live young, as opposed to laying eggs. [2 definitions]
vivisect to perform vivisection on (an animal). [2 definitions]
vivisection the act or procedure of operating on or dissecting a live animal, esp. for scientific or medical research.
vivisectionist one who practices or advocates operating on live animals for scientific or medical research.
vixen a female fox. [2 definitions]
viz. abbreviation of "videlicet" (Latin); that is; namely.
vizard a mask, esp. one for disguise or protection.
vizier a high state official in a Muslim government, esp. in the old Turkish Empire.