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vizier a high state official in a Muslim government, esp. in the old Turkish Empire.
vizor variant of visor.
V-J Day the day the Allied Forces won victory over Japan in World War II, either August 15, 1945, the day the fighting stopped, or September 2, 1945, the day the surrender was officially signed (acronym for "victory in Japan").
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin a Russian Communist revolutionary leader and premier of the Soviet Union from 1917 to 1924 (b.1870--d.1924).
VLF abbreviation of "very low frequency," any radio frequency between ten and thirty kilohertz.
V neck a neckline that is V-shaped in front, as on some sweaters.
vocable a word or term, esp. one considered for its combination of sounds or letters rather than its meaning. [2 definitions]
vocabulary the words of a language. [4 definitions]
vocal pertaining to or produced by the voice. [6 definitions]
vocal cords either of two pairs of membranous folds in the larynx, the lower of which vibrates when air passes over it, thus producing vocal sounds.
vocalic of, pertaining to, or involving vowels. [2 definitions]
vocalist one who sings, esp. a professional singer of popular music.
vocalization a sound made with the voice.
vocalize to make (sounds) with the voice; utter. [3 definitions]
vocation an occupation chosen as one's life work; career. [2 definitions]
vocational of or pertaining to a career or occupation. [2 definitions]
vocational guidance the work of counseling individuals, on the basis of tests and interviews, as to suitable occupational choices and appropriate training.
vocative of, relating to, or used for calling or addressing.
vociferate to cry or shout out loudly and vehemently.
vociferous crying out, esp. in protest; vocal; clamorous. [2 definitions]
vodka a colorless alcoholic spirit, which was originally made in Russia, distilled from wheat, rye, potatoes, or the like.