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voiceless having no voice. [3 definitions]
voice mail a telephone system that records and stores messages left by callers which can be retrieved by subscribers by dialing the central computer. [2 definitions]
voice-over the voice of a person, who does not appear on screen, serving as narrator or announcer on television or in a film. [2 definitions]
Voice over Internet Protocol a technology that provides voice telephony services over the Internet or other similar network (abbr.: VoIP).
voiceprint a graphic representation of an individual speaker's voice, as recorded by a sound spectrograph.
voice recognition an electronic system designed to recognize and respond to spoken commands.
voice synthesizer an electronic synthesizer designed to simulate human speech.
void containing nothing; barren; empty. [11 definitions]
voidable combined form of void.
voilą (French) there it is! (often used to express satisfaction or success).
voile a sheer, open-weave fabric made from wool, silk, cotton, or rayon, and used esp. for lightweight dresses or curtains.
VoIP abbreviation of "Voice over Internet Protocol," a technology that provides voice telephony services over the Internet or other similar network.
voir dire an oath sworn by a prospective witness or juror to tell the truth in an examination by which a court seeks to determine that person's competence to participate in a trial.
vol. abbreviation of "volume."
volant flying or able to fly. [3 definitions]
volatile rapidly changeable, esp. tending to become violent. [3 definitions]
volatility the condition or property of being volatile.
volatilize to become volatile or dissipate as vapor. [2 definitions]
vol-au-vent a large light flaky pastry shell filled with chicken, game, or fish in a cream sauce.
volcanic of, characterized by, or relating to a volcano or volcanoes. [3 definitions]
volcanic glass a natural glass produced by the rapid cooling of lava, such as obsidian or pitchstone.