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volt2 an equestrian maneuver in which the horse moves sideways around a center. [2 definitions]
voltage electromotive force or potential difference, measured in volts.
voltaic of or pertaining to electricity that is produced by chemical action; galvanic.
voltaic battery a battery that consists of one or more voltaic cells.
voltaic cell a cell that contains two plates, or electrodes, of different metals which are immersed in an electrolyte solution, and in which an irreversible chemical reaction produces an electric current.
Voltaire a French author and philosopher; François Marie Arouet (1694-1778).
voltameter a device that measures the amount of electricity passing through a conductor by the resultant chemical action, evidenced by the amount of gas released or the amount of metal deposited on an electrode.
voltammeter a device that measures either voltage or amperage.
volt-ampere a unit of electrical power equal to the product of one volt and one ampere, or to one watt.
volte-face an about-face; turn of 180 degrees. [2 definitions]
voltmeter an instrument that measures the potential difference, expressed in volts, between points.
voluble characterized by a steady flow of words; fluent; talkative.
volume a collection of pages of writing or print bound together; book. [6 definitions]
volumetric of or concerning measurement by volume.
voluminous having or characterized by great size, quantity, or volume. [2 definitions]
voluntary arising from or made of free will or choice. [4 definitions]
volunteer one who offers to perform work or services without pay. [7 definitions]
volunteerism the practice or principle of willingly performing unpaid work for causes such as those supported by community organizations, schools, and religious institutions.
voluptuary a person given to the pursuit of luxury and sensual pleasures. [2 definitions]
voluptuous full of or characterized by sensual pleasures. [3 definitions]
volute a twisting, spiral form. [4 definitions]