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voyageur formerly, a person hired by fur companies to transport goods and supplies between trading posts in the Canadian territories. [2 definitions]
voyeur one who obtains sexual gratification by looking at sex-associated objects or by observing the sexual acts of others, esp. secretly.
VP abbreviation of "Vice President."
vroom the roaring noise a motor vehicle makes when accelerating. [2 definitions]
vs. abbreviation of "versus," in opposition to; against.
V-shaped having the shape of the letter "V".
VT abbreviation of "Vermont," a U.S. state in New England between New Hampshire and New York.
VTOL abbreviation of "vertical takeoff and landing."
V-type engine an automobile engine in which the cylinders are lined up in two rows that are set at an angle to each other, forming a V.
Vulcan in Roman mythology, the god of fire and metalworking; Hephaestus.
vulcanism variant of volcanism.
vulcanite a hard rubber manufactured through the process of vulcanization.
vulcanize to treat (rubber or plastics) with sulfur or sulfur compounds under heat and pressure to increase hardness and elasticity.
vulgar lacking in taste, propriety, or refinement; coarse; crude. [4 definitions]
vulgarian an obscene, unrefined, or pretentious person, esp. a rich one who displays a lack of taste, culture, or restraint.
vulgarism an instance of coarse, unrefined, or obscene behavior; vulgarity. [2 definitions]
vulgarity an act, utterance, condition, or quality that offends good taste, manners, and propriety.
vulgarize to make unrefined, base, or obscene. [2 definitions]
Vulgar Latin the common, spoken language of the ancient Romans, from which the Romance languages developed; popular Latin as distinct from literary Latin.
Vulgate the Latin translation of the Bible prepared by St. Jerome in the late fourth century and used by the Roman Catholic Church as its official biblical text. [3 definitions]
vulnerability the state of being vulnerable. [2 definitions]