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want ad a classified advertisement.
want in (informal) to desire to be included or admitted.
wanting lacking. [4 definitions]
wanton characterized by malice and injustice. [6 definitions]
want out (informal) to desire to be excluded.
wapiti a very large North American deer that has curved antlers with many branches; elk.
war a state or period of open, armed fighting between nations, states, or other groups of people. [5 definitions]
War Between the States the U.S. Civil War, esp. as referred to in the former states of the Confederacy.
warble1 to sing or make sounds with trilling or quivering notes. [3 definitions]
warble2 a lump or swelling under the hide of an animal, caused by the larva of a warble fly. [2 definitions]
warbler any of numerous small, insect-eating American songbirds, many species of which are brightly colored. [3 definitions]
war bonnet a ceremonial headdress worn by some Indians of the North American plains, consisting of a headband with a long trailing extension, both decorated with feathers.
war chest a fund of money set aside for a special purpose, such as a political campaign.
war cry a shout uttered by warriors in battle. [2 definitions]
-ward in (such) a spatial or temporal direction. [2 definitions]
ward in a hospital, a large room holding several patients, or a section for patients of a similar type, such as children or patients that require intensive care. [5 definitions]
war dance a tribal dance, esp. by some American Indians, performed before a battle, or after a victory.
warden a person who is responsible for or guards someone or something, such as persons, animals, facilities, or rules. [2 definitions]
warder a person who watches over or guards something such as an entranceway.
ward heeler a minor politician who solicits votes and performs other work for the ward organization of a political machine.
wardrobe a tall upright cabinet or closet, or a small room, where clothes are kept. [2 definitions]