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water gun a child's toy usu. shaped like a pistol, with a mechanism that squirts water when the trigger is pulled; water pistol; squirt gun.
water hole a depression in the ground in which water collects; pond or pool. [3 definitions]
water hyacinth an aquatic plant of tropical America that bears bluish purple flowers and forms dense floating masses, often impeding navigation.
water ice a dessert made of finely crushed, sweetened ice. [2 definitions]
watering can a container, usu. with a handle and a spout that has a perforated end, for watering plants; watering pot.
watering hole a place where animals drink water, such as a spring. [2 definitions]
watering place a place where animals drink or humans get fresh water, such as a pool or stream. [2 definitions]
watering pot see watering can.
waterish like water; watery.
water jacket a casing containing water, used for cooling, esp. an internal-combustion engine.
water jump a small pool, water-filled ditch, or the like that a horse must overleap, as in a steeplechase.
waterless having no water; dry. [2 definitions]
water level the level of the surface of any body of water. [3 definitions]
water lily any of several aquatic plants that have large flat floating leaves and bear showy flowers in various colors. [2 definitions]
waterline the line on the hull of a boat or ship to which the water surface rises. [3 definitions]
waterlogged flooded so as to be heavy and difficult to manage. [2 definitions]
water main the main pipe in an underground system of pipes that conveys water.
waterman a boatman or oarsman.
watermark a mark that shows how far a tide or body of water has risen. [3 definitions]
watermelon a large sweet fruit, round or oblong in shape, with a hard greenish rind and usu. red or pink watery pulp. [2 definitions]
water meter an instrument that measures the flow of water through a pipe.