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wax1 a solid yellowish substance that is pliable when melted and is secreted by bees for constructing their honeycombs; beeswax. [5 definitions]
wax2 of the moon, to increase gradually in the size of its illuminated portion, as seen from the earth. (Cf. wane.) [3 definitions]
wax bean a crop plant that is a variety of the kidney bean. [2 definitions]
waxberry the wax myrtle; bayberry. [2 definitions]
waxen made of or treated with wax. [2 definitions]
wax museum a display or collection of wax figures, usu. life-size representations of famous people.
wax myrtle a shrub of the southeastern United States bearing small grayish white berries, the wax coating of which is used in making candles.
wax palm any of several palm trees of the Andes, the trunks of which produce a wax used in making candles, polishes, and the like.
wax paper a translucent wrapping paper that has been coated with paraffin to make it moisture-proof.
waxwing any of several birds of the Northern Hemisphere that have showy crests, brownish plumage, and waxy red tips on the secondary feathers.
waxwork an object of art made of wax. [2 definitions]
waxworks (used with a sing. or pl. verb) a museum displaying life-size wax figures, or such a display itself.
waxy made of, covered with, or having an abundance of wax. [2 definitions]
way a road or path leading from one place to another. [12 definitions]
waybill a document that accompanies the goods it lists and that includes shipping instructions.
wayfarer one who travels, esp. on foot.
wayfaring traveling or journeying, esp. on foot.
waylay to attack or accost unexpectedly after lying in wait for. [2 definitions]
wayless combined form of way.
way-out (informal) very unusual or extreme; unconventional; nonconformist.
way out (chiefly British) a route, passage, or door out of a building or other location; exit.