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wedding ring a ring, often a band of gold or platinum, that is given by a groom to a bride, and sometimes by a bride to a groom, during a marriage ceremony.
wedge a piece of wood or metal in a three-dimensional, triangular shape with a thin edge that is driven or forced between objects to split, lift, or reinforce them. [8 definitions]
wedgie a flat-soled shoe with a wedge-shaped heel.
Wedgwood trademark for a ceramic ware first produced in eighteenth-century England.
wedlock the condition of being married; matrimony.
Wednesday the fourth day of the week, occurring between Tuesday and Thursday.
Wednesdays on Wednesdays; each Wednesday; every Wednesday.
wee very small or tiny. [2 definitions]
weed1 any undesirable plant that grows wild, as in gardens or among cultivated crops. [6 definitions]
weed2 (usu. pl.) mourning apparel.
weed-killer an herbicide.
weedy full or consisting of weeds. [3 definitions]
week a unit of time equal to seven successive days, usu. beginning Sunday and ending Saturday. [3 definitions]
weekday any day of the week other than Sunday. [2 definitions]
weekdays on days other than the weekend; on weekdays.
weekend the end of the week, esp. the period beginning Friday evening and ending Sunday evening. [2 definitions]
weekender a person who travels or vacations on weekends, esp. regularly. [2 definitions]
weekends every weekend.
weekly done, published, or occurring once a week. [5 definitions]
weeknight a night or evening of any day of the week other than Saturday or Sunday.
weenie (informal) a wiener. [2 definitions]