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wet fly an artificial fishing fly designed to drift below the surface of the water.
wether a castrated ram.
wetland (often pl.) low-lying land saturated with moisture, such as a marsh or swamp.
wet nurse a woman who suckles another's baby.
wet-nurse to suckle (another's baby). [2 definitions]
wet one's whistle (informal) to take a drink, esp. of an alcoholic beverage.
wet suit a tightfitting one-piece rubber suit worn by skin divers for warmth.
wetu in Wampanoag language and culture, a house, traditionally a domed hut made from bent saplings covered with woven grass or bark.
we've contracted form of "we have."
whack to strike or smack with a sharp, resounding blow. [5 definitions]
whacking (informal) extremely large; huge; tremendous. [2 definitions]
whale1 any of the largest of marine mammals, with a body shaped like a dolphin or porpoise, flippers in place of forelimbs, and a flat, triangular tail. [2 definitions]
whale2 (informal) to beat soundly; thrash.
whaleback a steamship in which the bow and upper deck are rounded in order to shed the water of heavy seas.
whaleboat a long narrow rowboat with pointed ends that is esp. maneuverable in rough seas, once used in hunting whales and now used for rescue work.
whalebone a durable, horny, elastic substance that grows in plates or strips in the upper jaw of certain whales, serving to filter plankton from water passing through the whale's mouth. [2 definitions]
whalebone whale any of various whales, such as the right whales and the rorqual, having toothless jaws and whalebone on the sides of the upper jaw. (Cf. toothed whale.)
whaler a ship or boat used to hunt, catch, and process whales. [2 definitions]
whale shark an extremely large spotted shark that feeds mainly on plankton and small fishes.
whaling1 the business or industry of hunting, killing, and rendering whales.
whaling2 a beating; thrashing.