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whelm to engulf, submerge, or overwhelm (esp. in poetry or literature).
whelp a newborn or young offspring of any of certain mammals, such as dogs, bears, lions, or seals. [3 definitions]
when at what time. [9 definitions]
whence from what place. [3 definitions]
when'd (informal) contracted form of "when did".
whenever any time that. [3 definitions]
when'll (informal) contracted form of "when will".
when're (informal) contracted form of "when are".
when's (informal) contracted form of "when is".
whensoever at whatever time; whenever.
where at, in, or to what location. [11 definitions]
whereabouts in or near what location; about where. [2 definitions]
whereas while in contrast. [3 definitions]
whereat esp. in literature, at or toward which point, place, or occasion. [2 definitions]
whereby by what or which.
where'd (informal) contracted form of "where did".
wherefore for what reason; why. [2 definitions]
wherefrom from which; from where.
wherein in what; in which. [2 definitions]
where'll (informal) contracted form of "where will".
whereof of what, which, or whom.